At Westcraft we run the gamut with wood selection and samples – from cherry, red and white oaks, pine, maple, and hickory.


Trying to find that specific stain color or polyurethane finish? 
We have a multi-finished wood floor in our showroom where you’re able to compare samples back to back. The stains are arranged in as many colors and choices as you can imagine.
Are you in a bit of a time crunch and need the job done quickly? Besides sand and finish floors, we offer a wide array of pre-finished hardwood floors from Kahrs, Robbins, Mohawk, Shaw, Bruce and Hartco.


Does your hardwood floor need a quick clean-me-up?
We offer cleaning products made by hardwood companies in our Web shopping cart. The best way to clean your hardwood floor is with a soft, non-abrasive terry cloth mop cover and a bottle of hardwood floor cleaner.


For your convenience we sell kits that include a washable mop cover, mop, a 32 oz. spray bottle of hardwood floor cleaner and maintenance guide. Westcraft also offers hardwood cleaning services performed by our knowledgeable staff that is familiar with hardwood cleaning techniques.


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